The Long Journey - A 7th Sea Campaign

Extinga El Fuego Adentro
The journey begins...

The story began as many of these tales do: in a tavern. Katarina Lufrano, Lars and Urden met in a tavern in San Augustin, Castille after a Montaignian sailor attempted to press-gang the drunken lot in the bar into service within the Navy. After a quick showdown, the Heroes were victorious and the bar was vastly vacant. Their actions were noticed by an elderly Castillian man named Pedro Pontiverdi. He paid them the meager sum of 20 Guilders to escort his niece, Maria Pontiverdi across the country to the city of Avila and keep her safe from the Montaignians and the Inquisition.

Before they could escape San Augustin with the girl, they are set upon my kidnappers who have already heard about the bounty on the young girl. Escaping the brigands they set out across land, staying away from the war as much as possible. They manage to talk their way past the Castillian warfront, only to run into The Inquisition. When the Church soldiers wouldn’t be swayed by words, the Heroes were forced to defend themselves.

Realizing the road through San Cristobal would be waltzing through the Inquisition’s backyard, they took to the sea, paying a local captain to sail them to Avila. However, upon their arrival there was no sign of Maria’s family. Asking around told the tale of the Inquisition catching up with the parents under accusations of sorcery. The Heroes raced the aid of the Pontiverdis, chasing the Inquisition’s men up a winding mountain road, hopping aboard the carriage and taking over the reins.

Leading the family to safety, they were very thankful and allowed the Heroes to remain with them for a duration, until the Inquisition’s searches diminished before they moved on.


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