Katarina Lufrano

Bodyguard/Fate Witch


Vodacce Female in Service of Prince Lucani

Brawn 2
Finesse 3
Wits 3
Resolve 2
Panache 2

Civil Skills

Performer Spy
Acting 1 Perception 2
Dancing 1 Shadowing 2
Oratory 1 Stealth 1
Singing 1 Lip Reading 1
Lie in Wait 1
Shadowing 2
Set Traps 1

Martial Skills

Knife Athlete
Attack 2 Climbing 1
Parry 3 Footwork 2
Throw 3 Sprinting 1
Throwing 1

Sorcerous Heritage – Sorte
Arcana 4
Coins 3
Cups 2
Staves 2
Swords 2
Black Threads 3

Swordsman School – Cappuntina
Pin (Knife) 2
Throw (Knife) 3
Trick Shooting (Knife) 2
Exploit Weakness (Cappuntina) 2

Apprentice – No off-hand penalty when wielding a knife in her right hand. Can draw and throw as a single action. Throw (Knife) starts as a Basic Knack.

Background – Dispossessed (Obviously of noble blood to have Sorte, but has no idea where her claim might be, as she was orphaned as an infant)

Arcana – Stubborn

Advantages – Membership: Lucani’s Hand, Language: Avalon, Language: Vodacce, Language: Han Hua (low fluency)

4190 Guilders (some are in the form of gold, silk and precious stones that can be sold. Value is an estimate), 35 Vodacce Throwing Knives, 15 doses anti-venom, Syrneth Amulet (makes the bearer immaterial briefly when in danger, but not consistently), 5 Vesten Runic Scrolls (Villskap, Krieg, Sterk, Kyndighet and Styrke. One use only)


Katarina Lufrano

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